When should you lock or freeze a loan?

Were you worried about identity theft? If so, you may have asked for a lock or credit freeze. But do you know the difference?

Credit locks and credit freezes usually do the same: they prevent anyone from opening a loan in your name. However, there are also differences between these options.

Definition of a credit lock


All three major credit bureaus give consumers the ability to complete their credit reports.

When you do, the lender cannot access it to approve any loan or line of credit. However, please note that this is an agreement between you and the credit bureau. To become effective, you must do this with all three bureaus.

Definition of a credit freeze

A credit freeze is a similar thing. It freezes your credit report so that lenders cannot access it. Credit freezing is guaranteed by law.

What’s the big difference?

So what’s the difference? Well, the big difference comes from how locks and freezers work.

When you freeze a loan, which is usually convenient and affordable, you go through a series of different steps, online, over the phone, or through the mail. You can pick up a freeze anytime you want to legitimately apply for a loan. You can set the freeze to automatically return to a specific date.

You must provide a PIN number with any lift. Also, keep in mind that freezing and freezing fees are usually paid, and you may need to go through a wait or several hours.

Are they suitable?

Although some say a credit freeze is more convenient than a credit lock, there is still time that must elapse before it is effective. Generally, this is from 2 to 24 hours. When the freeze starts, you will receive a PIN number. You have to keep this PIN in your records and enter it to raise the freeze, and you have to ask each credit bureau to unfreeze your report.

The credit lock does not have a PIN. Normally, you start the lock using a secure application on your phone (which itself has a PIN). 

With Good Finance, it lasts from 2 to 48 hours, which is essentially the same as freezing. Also, keep in mind that you cannot freeze and lock your accounts at the same time. You have to choose one or the other.

Considering the cost


You probably want to think about the cost as well. It is worth mentioning that Good Finance offers free products to lock your loan. But remember, with a credit lock, you have to lock a loan through every bureau. It won’t help much if you are locked in two, but the third is open to all.

Good Finance has a brand new credit lock and seems to be different from what the company offered earlier. Good Finance manages the credit lock through its TrustedID Premier service, which helps protect consumers from identity theft. This service offers fraud notifications, credit monitoring, and other features.

Good Finance has a similar subscription product. It’s called Credit Lock and it’s available through Good Credit. That’s USD 5 for the first month, and then it costs USD 25 for the later months.

A credit lock is another term for the Phishing Service.


No freeze credits are not free. But the cost of freezing and freezing is usually cheaper than paying a monthly fee to keep a loan. In fact, federally, the cost of freezing and thawing your loan is set at USD 10, but many states have made the law even cheaper than that.

One reason you might consider locking in with Good Finance is that the system checks your credit card on a daily basis and promptly alerts you if there is some kind of someone trying to check your credit.

This might sound like a terrible deal and is worth USD 25 … but it might not be. Many experts do not recommend paying for credit monitoring, as you can usually do it for free through a credit card company or other financial account services.

This is definitely something to think about before you start shelling out money for a loan lock. Freezing a loan will be fine if you want protection, and it costs less.

If I am at debtors list, can I request a loan and have financing?



Being in debtors list can be an impediment to getting money, no bank grants loans to people who are enrolled in delinquent lists.

Those who need urgent liquidity to be able to face expenses that have suddenly appeared have to look for an alternative source of financing, in this case they can request loans with debtors list from private equity companies.

Our company provides its clients with loans with debtors list, the only thing they need is to provide us with a guarantee or guarantee that can be real estate or of any other kind, the client can guarantee his loan with debtors list with a vehicle, taxi license, real estate , etc. everything works while I reached the value that will be necessary to grant him the amount of money he needs, the only exception is jewelry. The user can be provided up to a maximum amount that will be 20% of the value of the guarantee provided, in the case of real estate guarantees, these properties must be free of charges and mortgages and it is a very important requirement that must be strictly adhered to. We accept as guarantees of real estate type flats, houses, premises, etc. The plots or plots are not valid.

Private lenders offer

Private lenders offer

This is a company made up of private and private lenders and our professionals have knowledge of financial and real estate issues, for this reason, we are trained to carry out a lot of tasks and speed up the process so that the client gets the money they need. 

We can even take care of the official appraisal of the house at a price that is economical for the client, we always take care of everything we can and we never ask for money in advance. Regarding security, this is an important aspect for the client who can feel fully confident with us since we are regulated by the Ministry of Health and Consumption and we comply with all the existing regulations regarding private loans, in addition to it, Our operations are signed in the presence of a notary and these signatures can be made anywhere in the country.

Get a credit despite being on a list of defaulters

Get a credit despite being on a list of defaulters

Even if you are in a list of defaulters enrolled in the debtors list, now you have the possibility to get one of our credits with debtors list and enjoy the multiple advantages that we offer you. You can pay in comfortable monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or even annual installments.

The fees can be domiciled by the bank or can be paid in the same account of the investing lender. We are trained to study the operation just by providing the simple note of the registration and we offer advantages such as early cancellation with a 0% penalty as long as the client has completed one year with us. You can qualify and pay only interest for up to five years.

Simple or multiple construction loans?

Building your own home (or garage, workshop or other structure) is great because you get exactly what you want. You have to make all the decisions about design, quality, budget and more.

One of the many decisions you’ll need to make is how to unlock a construction loan after the building is complete: will you use a one-time loan or two separate loans?

Construction loans, as the name suggests, are really just for buying land and building (or improving) structures.


They usually last no more than 12 months, so you need a way to move on to a long-term loan (especially if you want lower payments that will come with a 30-year mortgage).

When construction is complete, you will have to pay off a construction loan – and most people do this by replacing it with a loan that looks more like a standard 15 year or 30-year mortgage.

One-time construction loans allow you to get both loans (construction loan and permanent loan) at once. When construction is completed, your loan becomes a traditional mortgage (your lender may say convert, modify, or refinance). These loans are also called loans from construction to permanent loans.

Two Construction Loan Closures require you to get approval for two loans. A construction loan will fund your project, and then you will need to apply for (and obtain approval for) a permanent loan separately – once construction is complete.

Of course, you will want to know which is better, and of course, it depends on your situation. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of conversion credit are listed below.

The benefits of a single shutter


If you like one-stop shopping, you may be relying on a one-stop loan.

One app: A loan application can feel like an amazing research project.

With a single-payday loan, you have to go through the process once.

One close: More closures mean higher costs. However, the cost difference may not be dramatic (you have to pay a few costs – as a down payment after completion of construction – whether or not you use one or two credits), and you do not necessarily have to come out with a single closing.

No Payments: With some lenders, interest costs during the construction phase can be added to your permanent loan. This makes it easier for you to pay for housing while you wait for your new home to be built, but it also means you will owe more (and pay more interest) and make larger payments over the life of that new loan. In addition, delaying payments can be a sign that something is a little more prominent.

Security: Having ongoing funding – before you borrow to build – means you take less risk. If you lose your job during the construction phase, you will still receive permanent funding.

With double closing, it would be difficult to persuade a lender to approve your loan while you are in the business between jobs – and that could mean losing a home before you even live in it. Any number of things can go wrong during construction, much less worry if you have a loan obligation from the beginning.

Lock-in rate: Completing a permanent loan helps you plan for the future. You will know what your interest rate will be, so you can budget well for your monthly payments. You can also lock in the rate if you think rates will increase significantly during the construction phase (instead, crashes fall, some lenders allow you to adjust).

Advantages of multiple credits


Of course, there is no free lunch, so here are some downsides to building a one time loan.

Higher rates: One-time loans probably come with slightly higher rates (on a construction loan as well as a permanent loan), but you never know until you apply and compare offers. When you use one loan, you reduce the risk and enjoy the convenience of one closing; these benefits come at a cost.

Flexibility: When using a single loan, you will need to choose a prepackaged program (although you may find a lender that offers exactly what you want – some lenders offer their choice of one-time 15 years, 30 years, and ARM loans). Keeping your permanent loan separate means that you go out and apply anywhere you want, for any type of loan.

No plans to build


If you don’t know if or when you will build, but want to buy land, credit may be a better option. However, it is usually easier to borrow when you have plans to add to your property in the near future. Purchasing raw land presents the biggest challenges, while it is almost much easier to get approved.

How to download online Government Agency loans public employees forms

How to find the Government Agency loan application forms

How to find the Government Agency loan application forms

For those who wish to obtain an Government Agency loan or mortgage, the forms represent an essential and indispensable tool. As established by the Government Agency Loan Regulations, in fact, requests for financing must be drawn up on the appropriate models, which can be downloaded in the appropriate Government Agency loans section for civil servants.

On the official website of the Social Institute there is in fact a section dedicated specifically to the credit and social benefits granted to public employees and pensioners through the unitary management of the Social Institute. Fund to which civil servants are automatically registered for social security purposes. Among these we find the Social Institute ex ex Government Agency loans.

When we speak of Government Agency loans, public employees, however, we refer only to the models to be used for the request of one of the former Government Agency loans or for other operations related to the loans.

For example, it is possible to find the forms for the request for early repayment of the loans. Among the available models we also mention that for the preparation of the medical certificate necessary for direct multi-year loans.

How to download Government Agency Social Institute online forms

How to download Government Agency Social Institute online forms

But how to download Government Agency loans for civil servants online forms? Those who wish to download the models for the request for Social Institute funding ex Government Agency must first connect to the official Social Institute portal ( Social Institute).

Once on the home page of the site you will need to click on the link All services, located at the top left. At this point, to access the page dedicated to the modules to request Social Institute services and services, select the All modules item from the horizontal menu.

At this point, in order to download the Government Agency loan forms, civil servants forms, it is necessary to use the menu on the left. From here it is necessary to first select the item Public Employee Management and then Member/Pensioner and Credit and social benefits.

Government Agency 2018 loan conditions

Government Agency 2018 loan conditions

Now that we have seen how to download the Government Agency loan forms, civil servants, forms, let us remember what the conditions of the former Government Agency loans are.

As we have seen in our previous in-depth articles, the Social Institute ex Government Agency loans are divided into two categories: small loans and multi-year loans. Small loans allow you to obtain relatively low sums with which to cope with unexpected expenses. The repayment extends for a maximum of 48 months and has an interest rate of 4.25%.

Instead, the issue for multi-year loans is different. Loans that allow you to obtain sums even over 100 thousand USD with a rate of 3.5%. They are designed to sustain important expenses and are granted only for the purposes foreseen by Social Institute. These include the purchase and construction of the residence house.

As regards the request, the application forms downloaded on the official Social Institute website must be completely completed. Once accompanied by all the necessary documents, the models for the request for loans must be sent to Social Institute electronically.

Civil servants in service must send the application through the Administration they belong to. Retired people can use the special online service on the Social Institute website.

Why invest in loans between individuals?


This absence of credit by financial institutions has been partly due to the private loan. It should also be noted that many people have fully paid and mortgage-free real estate, yet the bank continues to deny them much-needed credit. Because private lenders have the necessary liquidity, they are able to legally and securely grant loans to individuals and companies. It is a profitable business and absolutely regulated by law.

Reasons to invest in private loans

Reasons to invest in private loans

One of the reasons for investing in private loans is that these loans allow many people in need of money to get the credit that will solve a good part of their problems. All this is done in exchange for a return and always with the guarantee of a real property that is free of charges and mortgages, in this way the invested capital is insured and the interests are also all 100%.

Another reason to invest in private loans is the great security that this type of investment offers. Since normally it is not usually lent beyond 20% of the value of the real property that will guarantee the credit, this property must also be free of charges and mortgages and we will be the creditors in the first instance. But first of all, our private loan company will carry out a real-estate and legal viability analysis of the property that will guarantee the credit. An official appraisal is also carried out by an appraisal company that is independent and authorized by the government.

It should be underlined that these loans are always signed before a notary and will be officially registered in those competent bodies such as the property registry.

Guarantees of these credits

Guarantees of these credits

Let’s see the location and type in reference to the guarantees of these credits. The properties that we use as collateral for these loans have their origin in various points and localities of the territory. We will not take into account those localities that have populations of less than 25,000 inhabitants and that do not constitute provincial capitals or semi-capitals, although we also examine each specific case.

As for the typology of these properties, they must be flats, premises, houses, etc. It is very strange and in very specific cases we also allow lots or industrial warehouses.

Our philosophy is that it is real estate with a possible and real sale, these virtues provide security, as we have previously said.

Profitability of private loans

Profitability of private loans

The profitability of private loans is another reason to invest in private loans. Our company always operates with profitability percentages that are between 12% and 15% per year . The reasons are as follows: it is an interest that we consider acceptable, seeing and taking into account how the current economic outlook is.

Our mission is to be able to grant individuals and companies cash.

Investment security

The security that investment provides is one of the most important things and is also a reason to invest in private loans. As we work with a maximum of 15% interest and added to this is the fact that the amount of the property in guarantee is five times higher than the loan we grant; This makes our investments among the safest currently.

Duration of credits between individuals

Duration of credits between individuals

Let’s see what is the duration of these loans between individuals, it is also an important aspect and one of the reasons to invest in private loans . There are loans ranging from 1 year to 15 years in duration, and the most common is to find credits with an average duration of 5 to 10 years. Also it is necessary to underline the fact that when we invest these amounts of money they will always rent a percentage of 12% or 15% in the whole period that the money that is in the hands of the borrower, also in the credits of five years, is It is normal that after three and a half years the client has already returned the amount. In 10-year-olds, this usually occurs at the fifth grade. This means that during the entire period of time that the loan is in the hands of the client, it will rent a percentage of 12% or 15% of annual interest.

And in most cases, the borrower manages to pay off the credit that has been granted to him in advance; this is almost always due to a change in the client’s situation; it may be that it has left the lists of defaulters or has obtained financing through traditional banking, which has a better payroll, has made a sale or received an inheritance, etc. These are various reasons to invest in private loans. The smallest loan we grant stands at approximately $ 4,800. It should be noted that the expenses are included, these types of disbursements are paid by the particular client who is going to receive the loan and the investor will never do it.

For this reason the investment costs will always be zero dollars for the investor, these extra amounts are paid by the private client and never by the investor.

How to make the small Social Institute loan calculation online

Conditions of the small Social Institute loan: amounts and conditions

Conditions of the small Social Institute loan: amounts and conditions

The small Government Agency Social Institute loan is a form of financing accessible to public employees and pensioners. A line of credit that fell under the competence of Social Institute following the suppression of Social Institute, which took place in January 2012. In this study we will see how to calculate the small Social Institute loan calculation.

The first thing to clarify when dealing with the small loan issue is who it is for. Only employees and public pensioners registered with the Social Institute credit fund, the Unitary Management of credit and social benefits can apply for the small loan.

Loans that allow you to obtain relatively low amounts with which to face sudden or unexpected expenses. The sum that can be financed is defined on the basis of the income received by the applicant and cannot exceed eight months of salary or pension. The repayment takes place in 12, 24, 36 or 48 months.

Interest rate and expenses 2019

Interest rate and expenses 2019

The interest rate is always fixed at 4.25%. A rate of 0.5% for administration costs also applies to the gross amount of the loan. The payment of a premium for the Social Institute Risk Fund is also envisaged, defined on the basis of the age of the applicant and the duration of the loan.

Consequently, while the Tan is always equal to 4.25%, the other expense items applied to the loan are also necessary to calculate the Taeg. In this regard, the simulator for the small Social Institute loan calculation can be very useful .

How to carry out a simulation of small Social Institute loans

How to carry out a simulation of small Social Institute loans

To reach the web application you need to connect with the official Social Institute portal. From the home page you will then have to click on the link All services, located at the top left.

Once you have arrived on the page which indicates all the services accessible from the site, you need to filter the results by theme. In the relevant field you will have to enter part of the name of the calculator, called Public Employee Management: simulation of the calculation of small loans and long-term loans.

Credits and pension, how to get them?

When requesting financing from the bank, age is usually one of the risk factors that entities take into account. The age of the applicant increases the chances of default on the loan. If we add to this the possibility of being included in a delinquency file, the risks of non-payment increase even more. So this week we want to talk about the credits and pension. 

If you are a pensioner and, due to previous situations, you are included in any of the delinquency files in the country, you will think that it is impossible to obtain financing, but this is not the case. Keep reading and we’ll tell you how to get it. 

Who can apply for loans for pensioners?

Who can apply for loans for pensioners?

It is important to start by clarifying that pensioner loans are not just for retirees. This financial product can be accessed by anyone who is collecting a pension, whether due to retirement, disability or illness. Depending on the type of pension being charged, some factors or others must be taken into account. 

  • Loans for pensioners (for retirement): in this case, traditional banks take into account the age of the applicant. Getting used to setting concession limits around 65 years. 
  • Loans for pensioners (for disability): here age will not be a determining factor. But it is important to keep in mind that, in the case of mental disabilities, loans to pensioners will only be accessible if we are fully empowered to make financial decisions. If not, it will be the legal guardians who must request the financing, as representatives of the disabled, who is the pensioner who will benefit from the loan.

In the same way that happens with payrolls, the amount of the pension will also determine the money that we can access. In addition, the applicant’s previous level of indebtedness will also be taken into account. This is so in the case of traditional banking entities. With private equity companies, the flexibility around your pension amount will be greater and we don’t care if you are included in debtors list.

Can you get personal loans and pension?

Can you get personal loans and pension?

Most traditional banks do not grant personal loans and pension. For the simple fact of being a pensioner / retiree, the following extra guarantees will be required:   

  • Take out life insurance. If credits and pension are requested, the life insurance will take care of the return of the money in case of death of the debtor. It is advisable to inform potential heirs of this step and take into account the costs of receiving an inheritance. 
  • A person who guarantees the operation. In these cases it is customary to be a son or younger relative of the applicant who, in the event of the death of the owner, will be responsible for the return of the debt. 

As we have been telling you throughout the article, do not worry about all these requirements and guarantees that traditional banking may require. If you want access to personal loans and pension, we have the solution for you. 

How to get a loan?


If you are included in delinquent lists like the debtors list list and banks close the door on you when you ask them for financing, chances are you’re wondering how to get a loan. Don’t worry, we have the solution for you. It is true that banks that offer loans take this type of list into account, since it is their way of controlling the financial capacity of the user. That is why being enrolled in debtors list is usually an added concern when you need a loan. The good news is that, thanks to Suitaprest and its goal of being able to help the maximum number of people, it is possible to get money while in debtors list.

How to get a loan?

How to get a loan?

As a result of the financial crisis situation, many credit institutions limited access to their products only to people who met a profile that would ensure the maximum repayment of the loan. These requirements are usually: fixed employment contract, presentation of a payroll and not being registered in any defaulters file. So if you were wondering how to get money while at debtors list, the answer was never positive. 

Luckily for all the people who appear in the delinquency lists, the financial products have evolved a lot in recent times and several options have appeared to get loans. Thanks to financial , studying each client ‘s case in detail, it is easy to find the solution to this problem that worries many people.

Getting urgent money despite in debtors list is also possible

Getting urgent money despite in debtors list is also possible

As we said, there are already some entities that offer loans regardless of debtors list. The procedure they carry out involves carrying out a risk study that determines whether the user can be granted a credit. This is decided based on the guarantees that it can provide, such as its payroll or a regular source of income.

Normally the amounts that can be accessed with fast loans do not exceed one thousand dollars, known as mini credits. They are usually used to solve very specific and specific liquidity problems, such as paying an invoice or some small home repair.