If I am at debtors list, can I request a loan and have financing?



Being in debtors list can be an impediment to getting money, no bank grants loans to people who are enrolled in delinquent lists.

Those who need urgent liquidity to be able to face expenses that have suddenly appeared have to look for an alternative source of financing, in this case they can request loans with debtors list from private equity companies.

Our company provides its clients with loans with debtors list, the only thing they need is to provide us with a guarantee or guarantee that can be real estate or of any other kind, the client can guarantee his loan with debtors list with a vehicle, taxi license, real estate , etc. everything works while I reached the value that will be necessary to grant him the amount of money he needs, the only exception is jewelry. The user can be provided up to a maximum amount that will be 20% of the value of the guarantee provided, in the case of real estate guarantees, these properties must be free of charges and mortgages and it is a very important requirement that must be strictly adhered to. We accept as guarantees of real estate type flats, houses, premises, etc. The plots or plots are not valid.

Private lenders offer

Private lenders offer

This is a company made up of private and private lenders and our professionals have knowledge of financial and real estate issues, for this reason, we are trained to carry out a lot of tasks and speed up the process so that the client gets the money they need. 

We can even take care of the official appraisal of the house at a price that is economical for the client, we always take care of everything we can and we never ask for money in advance. Regarding security, this is an important aspect for the client who can feel fully confident with us since we are regulated by the Ministry of Health and Consumption and we comply with all the existing regulations regarding private loans, in addition to it, Our operations are signed in the presence of a notary and these signatures can be made anywhere in the country.

Get a credit despite being on a list of defaulters

Get a credit despite being on a list of defaulters

Even if you are in a list of defaulters enrolled in the debtors list, now you have the possibility to get one of our credits with debtors list and enjoy the multiple advantages that we offer you. You can pay in comfortable monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or even annual installments.

The fees can be domiciled by the bank or can be paid in the same account of the investing lender. We are trained to study the operation just by providing the simple note of the registration and we offer advantages such as early cancellation with a 0% penalty as long as the client has completed one year with us. You can qualify and pay only interest for up to five years.

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