Amazing Office Chairs With Wheels

Armless Chairs With Wheels

I propose a brake system for the office chairs with wheels. The system consists of tabs that are raised and lowered depending on whether you want to brake or you want to release the wheel. The idea is to place those tabs next to each wheel, and not on top, to allow the person sitting in the chair to put their feet on those arms without stopping the chair.

When we lower an eyelash and brake that wheel, the one on the opposite side also slows down. That is, by lowering a tab, its complementary to the other side also falls. This way we avoid having to revise wheel by wheel to free the movement of the chairs with wheels. Moving two tabs we have control over the other two. In this system one of the wheels is without brake, since these are odd.

Another system would be to nail all the wheels with any of the eyelashes, thus stepping on any of them the chair is broken, and raising it we release them all. This idea tries to avoid that when sitting in this type of chairs, it goes backwards rolling, with the consequence of hitting the buttocks on the floor, as it has already happened to some people. Also in offices where there is little space and the number of chairs with wheels is high, I think it could be helpful.

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