Beautiful River Rock Showers

Best River Rock Showers

River rock showers are smooth, round rocks that are available in a variety of colors and sizes. The addition of river stones to your bathroom creates an atmosphere similar to a spa, which improves the tranquility of the room. You can pick up river stones on your own by ripping them from an authorized river or stream, or you can buy them pre-cleaned from a craft store.

Searching for your own river rock showers is a cost-effective method, but buying them allows you to more easily select different colors and sizes. Whereby river stones like the floor tile in a shower give a unique look, nature similar to that provided by a standing surface that massages your feet while showering. Install the rocks with a standard white mortar to create a white border around each stone.

Or place the river stones on a transparent epoxy bed to make the stones appear as if they were resting on a waterbed. In either case, it will allow more than half of the rocks protruding beyond the bonding material, even if only a little. If you use clear epoxy, you have the freedom to place the river rock showers under the surface of the epoxy resin by what you see, but they do not feel them.

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