Cleaning White Textured Bathroom Tiles

White Textured Bathroom Tiles Nice

White textured bathroom tiles – You pull out your clean white tiles and notice that the plates are not really “clean.” There are fork marks, scratches and stains on the tiles you know that you are cleaned tonight. The food is ready to be served and your mother-in-law is on her way. You hope your family does not notice the spots. It’s time to really clean your white tiles. You need a clean sponge and a cup of liquid detergent

Cleaning white registration plates

To remove food residue, brands fork and other stains from white textured bathroom tiles, buy some liquid detergents in the grocery store, hardware or other store. Pour detergent into an old cup or plastic container. Dip a sponge into detergent to remove stains from your tiles. Apply only a small amount of liquid detergent to the tile, leave it on the stain for about three minutes and then wipe it off.

For deep scratches, let the liquid cleanse as for about five minutes. Use latex gloves and work with a window open or door cracked. Test the cleaning agent on the back of a tile if your white textured bathroom tiles are antique or fragile. If cleaning antique or fragile white tiles, add 1 teaspoon. Of water to liquid detergent so it does not get as strong.

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