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January 3, 2019 Room Ideas

Diy Decorative Bathroom Signs Vintage Style

If you want to give a personal and different touch to your decoration I bring you an idea that I just finished and that, personally, I loved the result. It is a decorative bathroom signs made of wood with the stamping technique. Look for a wooden plant of the measures you want the poster to have. Another option, which is what I have applied in this case, is that you look for wood slats and go nailing them to the desired size.
I personally dismantled a pallet decorative bathroom signs and mounted them to my liking. After sanding it carefully (do not go sticking any splinters), I painted it white. To give it a “vintage” effect when it comes to painting it, I did it with a certain “carelessness” studied, that is, wetting only a little the brush and giving extended brush strokes leaving pieces of wood unpainted. It is very original. Wait about 24 or 48 hours to dry well.
We choose a design decorative bathroom signs, photograph or any image and print it on a laser printer. This last detail is important for the transfer of the wood to work. Since my poster was quite large, I had to print it on three sheets since I did not find any laser printer that could print in large laser formats. Another important aspect is that you have to print it in a mirror (that is, the other way round).

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