Feng Shui Living Room Mirror Placing

White Feng Shui Living Room Mirror

Feng shui living room mirror can be a powerful tool to duplicate good energy. They are used to eliminate negativity if they are located properly. They have been described as the “remedy for everything” for their ability to deflect bad Feng Shui from outside. They channel the cosmic luck from outside to the heart of the home. The mirror is a silent witness to what is reflected in it. If we give you a positive image, you will return the positive. If we give it a negative image, it will also return it.

This is the key: locate them only where you are sure that they will duplicate the positive and that they will reflect pleasant images, like any of the following: a vase with natural flowers, a healthy plant, a nice picture, a landscape or the image of a garden. Beveled feng shui living room mirror, such as those that incorporate lines on the surface that produce cuts or duplications in the images, are not recommended by Feng Shui.

However, the octagonal beveled glass mirrors, cut symmetrically, are designed and manufactured to make cures in very specific places, such as in narrow corridors and bathrooms. To direct the view of a wonderful landscape towards the house, put a feng shui living room mirror in one of its rooms. It must be located in such a way as to allow the reflection of the outside world.

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