Freshly Suspended Track Light

Ceiling Suspended Track Light

Old and dirty suspended track light and a freshly painted ceiling do not go well together. When it comes time to paint the ceiling you may want to consider painting the track lights as well. The other option is to replace track lights; however, this is an unnecessary step unless you simply want to change the style of track lights in your home. The old track lights can be painted with a little effort.
Tape the surrounding areas around suspended track light with blue painter’s tape. Cover the interior of the runway lights, so avoid getting the paint on the handrail metal contact. Another option is the newspaper roll and places it inside the railing and then tapes it over it. Track lighting systems come in different shapes and sizes, so select the method that best suits your system.
Apply a light coat of primer. Use a spray paint. Keep the nozzle six to eight inches from the runway lights. Apply the primer, even in gentle movements. The application of a light coating prevents runs, drips and heavy edges. Allow the primer to dry. Apply a second coat if necessary. Paint suspended track light with a spray paint spray. Spray paint provides a smoother finish on metal surfaces. Brushes tend to leave brush marks and the lights of the track light can make the brush marks more visible.

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