Funky Reception Desk Inspirations

Contemporary Funky Reception Desk

The funky reception desk of an office is the letter of introduction of a company or brand. It is the first thing we will see when entering, so that like the entrance  of a house, it will be the one that marks our first impression, so we must pay special attention to its conception in the design of offices. Although the reception must be treated as a whole (floor, walls, lighting), the counter is the key piece, the place where we will go when entering and the one that must transmit the whole philosophy of the brand has more relevance every day.
Today there are multiple funky reception desk options depending on the image you want to convey the service, the climate you want to generate or the character you want to print to the company, whether it is more rigid or more flexible, more serious or more fun. In more informal spaces, the trends are carried away by a more eclectic style, using different colors but generally framed in spaces of more or less contemporary design.
There are those who play with simple counters as a contrast to a dynamic and colorful office space   or there are those who choose to make this element the king of the funky reception desk, playing with different materials and textures , all aimed at a more relaxed audience and meetings more informal, very typical for example of coworking spaces .

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