How To Change Pebble Shower Floor

Pebble Shower Floor Traditional

Pebble shower floor is the only obstacle between the home floor and water from the shower. In fact, it’s the only thing that prevents redundant rot and potentially devastating flooring damage. Replacing a leaky shower floor will prevent this damage from occurring. It also improves the appearance of the bathroom. When installing the floor, make it level so that the water flows properly. This project requires some carpentry and plumbing skills.


Cut grout with a tray saw and remove the tiles by ejecting them with a hammer and chisel. Remove all trays from the floor. Inspect the floor for rot. If there are weak points in the floor, cut it with a circular saw and bend it out of the pebble shower floor. Attach a new plywood board to the floor beams with framing screws and a screwdriver. Tear out shower walls by cutting a plaster with a knife and bend out of sharp boards with a coot.

Measure the installation area with a tape measure from the framing boards. The new shower pan installs right up against the frame boards. The pebble shower floor must fit the design area. Attach the drain pipe to the shower pan. Put the top of drainage into the drain hole through the top of the boiler. Wood the lower part of the drain pipe. Pull the lower part with a pair of large pliers to secure the drain in place. Place the shower pan back to the installation area so it is tight against sharp boards again. Level the boiler again with water pass. When it is level, mount the pan to the framing boards with galvanized wood screw and screwdriver. Run the screws through the mounting holes and directly into the sharpening boards.

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