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January 5, 2019 Window Ideas

How to Make a Bamboo Vertical Blinds

Bamboo vertical blinds special design makes it a natural choice of material for a bedside table. Make a decorative bamboo bed sheet from bamboo blinds and bamboo poles. The horizontal blinds pair of bamboo sticks are placed both horizontally and vertically as a frame around them. Recycle bamboo blinds in a bedside with some extra supplies from home improvement store.
Cut a sheet of 1/2 inch plywood to the desired height and width of the bedspread. Measure the length and width of bamboo vertical blinds. Determine how many blinds it takes to cover plywood. For example, cut plywood to fit a king-size headgear will be about 76 inches wide. If the blinds are 36 inches wide, you need two blinds to fit the width. You will cover excess plywood between, around and on top of blinds with bamboo pods.
Remove the strings from the top of the bamboo vertical blinds. Leave headers intact, you will cover them with a bamboo pole Arrange the blinds on the plywood. . If you only use a blind to make a double or full size bedside, center it on the plywood. To make a bedside with two blinds, place them side by side and center both on the plywood. Open the blinds to the length required to fit the height of the gable. If the blinds are too long, extend them only as long as necessary.
Slice a 2-inch diameter bamboo pole in length. The length of the bar should be equal to the width of the plywood. Place half of the rod over the blind headers on top of the plywood. Place the other pole in the bottom of the plywood along the end of the blinds.

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