How To Make A Deer Horn Chandelier Creative

How To Make A Deer Horn Chandelier Rustic

Deer antlers are a way to make use of the antlers of their hunting trophies. The spider goes well in any home with a rustic touch or a cabin located in the forest. Instead of paying for a how to make a deer horn chandelier in the store, you can make yourself and save some money. The electrical wiring kit can be purchased at a hardware store, making sure that the spiders work and is connected correctly.
Clean the all another side of the deer antlers using oil soap. Allow the antlers drying, and then furnishing them with a clear polyurethane finish. Apply several coats, first waiting for the previous layer to dry completely. Use a drill to how to make a deer horn chandelier holes in the tip of each horn that you desire to put a light through. Drill more holes through the sides of the bases of the antlers. Chain the lamp wires through the holes and arrange the horns in a circle. When the antlers are in the configuration you want, tighten the wire and turn the ends together.
Push the electric wires through the base of the antlers and out through the holes in the tips. Place light bulbs in the light sockets. If the lights are not at the same level, use model clay to how to make a deer horn chandelier the light level. Place a chain and anchor to the top of the chandelier. The chandelier is now ready to be installed in your room of choice.

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