How To Make An L Shaped Shower Rod

L Shaped Shower Rod Modern

L shaped shower rod is a great way to create a custom curtain rod, and can end up much cheaper than buying an L-shaped rod, or having a plumber install one. You can use simple copper pipes to make a curtain rod, and you do not need to do any welding or have any plumbing experience to get the job done.


Measure the outer edge tub or shower side basin and end where you want the l shaped shower rod to go. Add an inch of measurements of length and width so that you can make the stick become slightly larger than the tub or shower basin. Cut two pieces of copper pipe to measurements length and width taken with pipe cutter or arc file.

This will make a corner, and will give you l shaped shower rod. Measure down from the ceiling to the height you want the curtain rod to hang, and cut a third piece of copper pipe to this length. Put this piece upright in the third opening of the three-way connection.  Keep curtain iron over bath or shower sink in place, with your help assistant. The flange of the upright bar should be seated flat on the ceiling, with the flanges at the ends of the length and the width pipes flat on their respective walls. Attach the flanges to the walls and ceilings with the screws provided with mounting flanges.

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