Install Interior Dutch Door Lock System

Unique Interior Dutch Door

Interior dutch door is divided to allow the upper half to open independently of the lower half. As an exterior door, a Dutch door is difficult to lock. The standard use of the Dutch doors system is with garden sheds, kitchens, or other interiors where a handover is required while blocking pedestrian traffic. The installation of a Dutch door lock is the same process as the installation of a lock on any door.

The locks are mounted on the lower door and a sliding latch is attached to the upper part that anchors to the bottom of the interior dutch door. Place the door knob to cut the hole in the door. The cutting guide is a type of clamp that attaches to the door with holes that are aligned for cutting through the door, the locking mechanism and the cut on the side of the door so that the actual safety latch. The guide is available through most hardware stores and comes with explicit instructions for using the tool.

Drill the holes in the side of the interior dutch door and through the door with hole cutting bits included with the purchase of the cutting guide and a drill. Install the bolt, following the assembly instructions included with the lock. The only tools needed for installation are a screwdriver and an allen key. The allen key of adequate size is usually included with the purchase of the lock.

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