Maple Hardwood Flooring Grades High Variation

Prefinished Maple Hardwood Flooring Grades

Standard wood flooring is oak, but for a high-class variation, considers Maple Hardwood Flooring Grades. It’s more expensive, but it’s worth it because of the intricate patterns of grain, rich shading and the hardness of the wood (which is why it’s used for basketball courts). Maple flooring is installed in the same manner as most wooden floors, using a tongue and groove milling system that nails it down with a pneumatic floor stapler.
Cover the subfloor on the paper floor, spread it in rows and staple it down with a regular staple gun. Place the first row of maple hardwood flooring grades planks along the wall where you want to start. Adjust the plate with the grooved side of the tongue and the milling slot facing the wall and sit 1/2 inch out from it (to allow the maple to expand). Nail down the boards with a nail gun, nails firing every 10 or 12 inches along both edges of each board. Block the boards together at the ends as the laymen.
Cut the last board to fit the end, using a miter saw. Nail down the next courses with their sides tightly closed against the previous course. Nail them with the nail gun. Continue maple hardwood flooring grades until you have already arranged enough courses so there is space for pneumatic stapler flooring to sit on the floor, usually three or four courses. Connect your pneumatic floor stapler to your pressure tank and turn it on again.

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