Plantation Shutters French Doors Ideas

Plantation Shutters French Doors Window

Plantation shutters French doors – If you love the look of French doors, consider installing them on a gateway that leads out your home patio. You can do this by measuring the door frame and then specially ordering French door panels to fit that frame. The bigger the frame, the more accommodating it becomes to the usual French door dimensions.
Measure the length and width of the plantation shutters French doors frame, and make sure to measure from beginning to end inside the door frame. Remove any casing inside the door frame. Measure length and width again, and make sure to trim your tape measure with studs on each side or end. Measure the length of the top and bottom of the door frame, and make sure to hold the tape measure inside the frame. Measure the length from the right upper corner to the lower right corner. Then measure the distance between the left upper corner and the left lower corner and make sure to hold the tape measure inside the door frame.
Tips and warnings
If you find that you get different measurements when measuring parallel surfaces, use less of the horizontal and vertical measurements. Your plantation shutters French doors or door frame may not be perfect square.

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