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Flourescent light covers – When fluorescent light over you starts to flicker and make you crazy, it’s time to act. There are a number of reasons why flicker or a tube that will not light up. You may need to replace the tube, but it can also be a ballast or starter problem. The reactor is relatively expensive, so make sure it’s really broken before you rush out to replace it. There are a number of tests and troubleshooting tips that you can drive before taking a trip to your local iron trade.
You need:
Check your box home fuse for each loose switch or fuses. Check the lighting to see if the flourescent light covers is loose. Carefully hold the tube and rotate it back and forth to see if the light is on. Check that the hose discoloration close to either end. If it is dark, the tube may need to be replaced. Remove the tube by turning the ends slightly and pulling it out of the luminaire. If you have two tubes side by side, test flickering one in the other tray. Slide the tube into the groove and turn until the two pins are locked in place. This test will let you know if it is the tube or luminaire that causes the problem.
Check if the appliance has an appetizer. Most flourescent light covers than 20 years old do not have them. The starter is a small gray metallic cylinder that connects to a socket on the luminaire s frame. Look at the starter underneath the tube as well. Press and turn counterclockwise to remove the starter motor. It’s hard to troubleshoot an appetizer, so replacing it might be the best option.

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