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December 29, 2018 Lighting Ideas

Replacing a Pull Chain Ceiling Lights

If you have to pull chain ceiling lights speed with a lightweight kit, you might use more drag chains-than a switch on the wall. This seems to be the easiest method to turn off your fan and continue, however, after a while, a small chain will break or a switch will be given. You do not need to call an electrician and pay a service charge of $ 50.00 to $ 100.00 for this repair to be made especially when a replacement switch must cost less than $ 5.00.

If you can use the screwdriver and stand on the kitchen bench, you can do the repairs yourself. Start by turning off the power to the fan that is usually located on the wall switch. Your fan may be “plugged in”, so you have to turn off the power on the breaker box or fuse. Most of these fans pull chain ceiling lights have a light kit, remove the light bulb or glass cover and look for the existing screws that hold the lamp kit to the fan base.

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Most have three in the slotted hole so all you have to do is loosen the screw and gently rotate the base and it will fall downward by showing all the cords. Lightweight kit housing will be equipped with assemblies including the brass to pass through the chain. There will be black, white, and green wire; remove or cut the cable from the fan. Take it to your local home improvement store and match it to the same type. This new kit will cover all the wingnut, screw, and electrical tape if needed. That’s the article about pull chain ceiling lights.

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