Spectacular Design Light Fixture Chain

Light Fixture Chain Bulb

It has been a while since we showed a lamp post and this time we decided to do it with the most common and used typology: light fixture chain. A pendant or suspended lamp, as its name suggests, is any that “hangs” from the ceiling. The point of light is located in the upper area and from it hangs a cable that holds the lamp itself (or luminaries, as it is called at a professional level). It is best to place them on the dining table, in the kitchen office (either in the form of a bar or small table)
And, sometimes, light fixture chain is installed in high-ceilinged hallways, on the bedroom bed and in the living area of ​​the bedroom and living room. However, in the latter case, we recommend not using it if the dining table is nearby, since the ideal is to find a single pendant lamp per stay that can take the focus of all eyes.
Although, as a typology, the hanging lamp is the most common, this does not mean that it has to be unoriginal. Light fixture chain can be very showy, for example those of size XL, the suspended lamps of the bedside table (replacing those of table), the lamps cage, those coming from recycled bottles or those that mix multiple colors. Not to mention the spectacular designs and materials of today, such as bronze or the one that incorporates gold.

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