The Height Of An Ikea Sawhorse Desk

Ikea Sawhorse Desk White

Ikea sawhorse desk series is a line of table tops and desks. The series has a simple design with many accessories. An important feature of the series is the legs can be adjusted to meet your specific needs. Adjusting the height of an Ikea desk depends on the type of legs on the device. If you have T-type legs, it’s necessary to have an assistant to keep at the end of the desktop you work under.
Go under the table at one end and locate the Allen screw head alignment on the center of the ikea sawhorse desk leg. There is also a wrench on the top of the table leg in a small rubber clip. Remove the hex key from the clip. If the hexagon key is not on the table, use a metric hexagonal wrench that fits the screw head. Ask someone to keep at the end of the table to prevent it from falling while adjusting the leg length. Turn the adjusting screw counterclockwise with the hex key a whole turn.
Grab the lower part of the leg and slide it up to raise the height of the ikea sawhorse desk. To lower the height of the table, ask your assistant to slowly lower the end of the table. Turn the screw clockwise to lock the leg in position when the desired height is reached. Repeat for the opposite leg. Place the hexagon key back into rubber clips for future adjustments.

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